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Programming onboarding

At KDDIT we aim to teach you to program as a designer. That is, to program interfaces that enable you to explore interactions, and to use programming to communicate your design proposals. If you are curious about what to expect or want to have a head start, we recommend to go through the online resources below. 

As an introduction to programming, we recommend you have a look at the Codecademy's "Learn Javascript" course and go through the tutorials: Introduction, Conditions, Functions, Scope, Arrays, and Loops. It is free to take the course at Codecademy, but you must create an account on

Alternatively, you can also have a look at the basic JavaScript course on FreeCodeCamp. Find it here:

In the first semester we will be working with the visual programming environment called Processing. Khan academy offers an introduction to JavaScript using this environment. Find it here

We also recommend to have a look at the playlist ’Start learning here!’ on the YouTube channel ‘The Coding Train’, to get to know the environment and its possibilities.