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Exam Hacks

Online oral exam

Even though it is standard procedure to have all oral examinations at ITU, you can if necessary arrange with your course manager and the examiner to have the oral exam online.

When deciding on this you need to be aware of the online format, how it might affect you in the exam situation and how to prepare for it.

For a full overview of how to prepare, please also have a look at the guidelines for normal oral exams, since a lot of the tips for how to prepare will be the same.

For information about the formalities about an online exam, please see here for course exams and here for thesis/projects exams

At the day of the exam

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* Be sure that you have tested all the technique. Find more information here

* Make sure that you sit in your best spot – where you will feel comfortable, and that you have everything you need within your reach.

* Set up a nice background, if you are not comfortable with showing your dirty laundry laying on bed.

* Don’t be afraid to take short breaks under your examination – it makes sense to use time to think, when you are asked questions.