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Handling your Complaint

There are two different processes for handling your exam complaint. One has to do with the actual examination and is therefore presented to the assessors. The other is in relation to legal matters, where the IT University will make the ruling.

Complaint concerning the examination, the conduct of the examination or the grade

If your complaint concerns the basis for the examination, the conduction of the examination, or the grade awarded, your complaint will be presented to the assessors (the examiner and the external examiner).

Usually the assessors will be given two weeks, but in some cases it might take longer. Please note that it is not possible to hand in a complaint anonymously.

The ruling can be:

  • an offer of a new assessment (re-assessment); this is only possible for written examinations
  • an offer of a new examination (re-examination)
  • rejection of the complaint 

A re-assessment or re-examination

If you wish to accept an offer of a re-assessment or re-examination, you must do so no later than two weeks after the ruling. If you accept the offer of re-examination, it will not count as a new examination attempt.

The re-assessment or re-examination will always be carried out by new assessors, and might result in the same or a lower grade. You can not file a complaint regarding this new grade."

Appeal procedures

You can appeal the IT University's ruling within two weeks of receiving the ruling. The appeal, like the original complaint, must be written, substantiated and sent to

The IT University will then appoint a Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals consists of two external examiners, a teacher and a student.

The Board of Appeals’ ruling can be:

  • an offer of a re-assessment with new assessors. Only possible for written examinations
  • an offer of a re-examination with new assessors 
  • rejection the appeal 

The Board of Appeals will make a ruling on the basis of your arguments and that of the assessors. The IT University will inform you of The Board of Appeals’ decision.

A Timeline for the appeal

The board has two months to process the appeal; July is never counted as one of the two months. 
If this time limit cannot be met, the IT University is obliged to inform you of the reasons for the delay, and of when you can expect a ruling. It is not unusual for the appeal case to take some time. You may continue your studies while the appeal is being processed.

A final decision

The decision of the Board of Appeals is final. If you find that the ruling of the assessors or the Board of Appeals is insufficiently substantiated, or that errors in the legal matters have occurred, you may make a complaint to Student Affairs and Programmes at the IT University.

The university must have received the complaint no later than 2 weeks after you have received the ruling of the Board of Appeals.

Complaints relating to legal matters

Complaints concerning legal matters in relation to exams, e.g. formal errors in connection with the examination, or conflict of interests, require a separate procedure.

In such cases, it is the IT University that makes the ruling.

The ruling can be:

  • an offer of a re-assessment
  • an offer of a re-examination
  • rejection of the complaint  

You can appeal the ruling of the IT University to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

See to your left for the procedure.