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The information that has travelled from when you registered is not editable on the project page in LearnIT.

If you need your title for the project changed you need to write to The title in STADS is the title that will go on your diploma. This goes for the supervisor as well.

If you registered with a project description and your project has changed, you are not able to update it on the project page. The problem statement though can be added and edited until the formal deadline. Afterwards you cannot edit it.


If you and your supervisor agree, you can implement any change you want in the actual project. Your project description or problem statement will not be part of the assessment.
If you have substantial changes to the problem statement, method or the like, you may want to describe them in an appendix or a summary about the project process in the finished project.

When you have submitted the project statement and the deadline has passed, the project page in LearnIT will be locked.

Your project statement will then be assessed and hopefully approved.

Your supervisor will contact you if you will need to make adjustments to your problem statement.

If your project agreement is not satisfactory, or that your request for supervisor(s) cannot be met, you are notified and you get the opportunity to change the project statement or supervisor request.

We will follow up on all the project registrations after week 6 / 36 and the project page should be ready for you in week 7 / 37 in LearnIT.

For projects of this kind (i.e. projects that are not related to a course) all group members are liable for the entire report. This means that you are assessed based on the entire report. And at the oral exam, you can be asked about the entire report.