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The Erasmus+ programme is an EU student exchange programme. Thus, Erasmus+ covers all exchange agreements in the EU/EØS. If you apply for one of the European partners that ITU have made agreements with, you will be an Erasmus+ exchange student.

Once nominated to an ERASMUS+ partner, the partner will get in touch with you with specific information. They will typically ask you to fill in an application directly with them. As with all other partners, it is the receiving partner, i.e. the host university who decides to accept or not accept a student.

ERASMUS+ grant

ITU receives funding from the EU Commission as a part of the Erasmus+ programme to give to ITU students going abroad on one of ITU's Erasmus+ partners. All students going on exchange to an Erasmus+ partner are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. The grant is a supplement to your expenses during your stay abroad.

The stay abroad must be between 3-12 months- You can only receive the Erasmus+ grant once during your bachelor degree and again once during your master degree.

Students usually receives about 285-335 Euros per month. The size of the grant depends on the country you are travelling to, the length of your stay and the number of ITU students applying to an Erasmus+ partner.


  • Complete your language test (see below)
  • Complete a Learning Agreement (see below)
  • Sign a Grant Agreement, which you will receive from the International Coordinator before you leave
  • Make sure you are fully insured
  • Fill in an Erasmus+ report after your exchange 

Language test

All ERASMUS+ students nominated for an ERASMUS+ partner will be allocated a free-of-charge compulsory language test through the ERASMUS+ system. You must complete the test before your stay and again after your stay.

The test is online-based, takes 30-40 minutes to complete and it covers gramma, vocabulary and understanding covered in app. 70 questions. If your result is low you will be offered a free online language course while you are on exchange. The course is voluntarily.

Learning Agreement

The ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement is a contract between you, the host university and ITU about the courses you expect to follow abroad. Once you have a pre-approval on your courses from SAP, you must fill out the Learning Agreement with your details and fill in the “Before the mobility” section and send it to

You and the host university must sign the Learning Agreement and then forward it to the International Coordinator a ITU, who also will sign the document.
The Learning Agreement will then be signed by the International Coordinator and sent to your host university for their signature. If you make changes in your courses during your mobility, you must fill in the section “During the mobility”, and finally, you are responsible for returning home with the section “After the mobility” signed by your host university. You can find the Learning Agreement template under Forms.

Erasmus+ report

Upon finishing your semester abroad, you must fill in an Erasmus+ report