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How to apply

Apply here

To apply you need to fill in a webform. The link for the webform is published app. one month before a deadline.

Link to webform.

About the application

Before filling in the webform, check out the instructions in its pdf version.

When you press submit you will receive an email receipt.

Note that you can submit more than one application. We will go with the latest submitted application.


Bachelor diploma 

If you are an MSc student, you must upload your bachelor diploma.

Find out where you want to go

You will be asked to submit up to 8 priorities. Check which universities are partners with your programme here before making your application.

Your expectations and personal interest

In the webform we will ask you to answer the following two questions:

  • Please tell us briefly how your personal experiences may prepare you for a semester abroad and what your expectations are
  • Please tell us briefly how a semester abroad may fit into your current studies and what your academic expectations are

Our expectation are that you write no more than 1200 characters per question (or max one page in total).


Exchange in spring
September 1

Exchange in autumn
February 1

Special deadlines 
Exchange to Georgia Tech spring semester (only BDDIT): June 1 
Exchange to Boston University spring semester: June 1 

Within 1 - 2 weeks from the deadline you will receive an email either with an offer of a nomination to a partner university or a rejection.

Partner universities have different deadlines.

The deadline is every 1st of the month throughout the year
(July not included)

Selection criteria

Exchange seats are first and foremost allocated based on grade point average when there are more applicants than seats. Your responses to the two questions about motivation, prior experiences and expectations come into importance in the event of a tie. We try to meet the highest priority possible.


If nominated by Student Affairs and Programmes, you proceed to apply to the host university. You will be informed about the process. Note that you are not guaranteed a place until you receive an acceptance letter from the host university.

It is not possible to change your destination after you have been nominated for exchange. 

See Practicalities - before for further information on how to plan your study abroad.