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First-year exam

All bachelor students at the IT University must meet the requirements of the first-year exam which are stipulated in the Examination Order.

The first-year exam covers a number of study activities and exams in which you must participate before the end of your first year of studies and pass before the end of your second year of studies.

The study activities amount to 45 ECTS.

Students enrolled 2015 or later

How do I pass the first-year exam?
In order to pass the first-year exam, you must pass exams corresponding to 45 ECTS before the end of your first year of studies. Be aware that you only have two attempts per exam.

Consequences of not passing the first-year exam
If you do not pass the first-year exam, you will not be allowed to continue your studies at the IT University.

Can I get an exemption?
You can apply for an exemption from the first-year exam, if there are special circumstances in your situation. Learn more about exemptions and How to apply for an exemption.