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Supervision evaluation

Why evaluate?

Your opinion is a cornerstone in evaluations of supervision of projects. Evaluation is your chance to influence aspects of supervision of projects that matter to you.

Supervisors go carefully through your feedback and use it to adjust supervision. Future students will also benefit from your feedback, so the impact of your participation in the evaluation reaches far beyond your own project.

How do I evaluate supervision?

When you hand in your project, you receive a short survey to evaluate the supervision project.

Supervision evaluation process 

After the exam, your supervisor go carefully through all survey results in order to understand whether the supervision process needs attention. Your supervisor also receives a short survey.


Some faculty supervise only a few projects while others supervise a lot. This makes it impossible to ensure anonymity in the survey. Therefore, your replies will only become available to the supervisor after the exam.

What happens after the supervision evaluation?

Once you have participated in the survey, many things are happening behind the scene. In the illustration below, you can see how your input becomes part of the quality assurance of supervision at ITU:


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After supervision evaluation