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Project Work

Types of projects

There are different kinds of projects on a BSc and MSc programme:

  • Bachelor project (15 ECTS) or Thesis (30 ECTS). 
  • Individual projects (7,5 or 15 ECTS).
  • Research project (7,5 or 15 ECTS) For CS and SD students
  • Summer projects (7,5 or 15 ECTS). 

See here for submission deadlines

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Collaborating with companies

It is also possible to collaborate with a company on a project. Collaborating with a company while you are studying gives you the opportunity to:

  • Develop and practice your academic skills in a real work-related context
  • Get to know your future job market
  • Experience what specific skills you have and what you are good at
  • Find out which competencies you might need to develop in order to be an attractive graduate  within a specific job area  – or at the work market in general
  • Enhance your network while studying – it might be the way to getting a student job or even a real job after you have graduated
  • Develop your CV while studying 

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