Reach out to ITU’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion

As part of ITU’s gender equality action plan, the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion has recently opened a new mailbox intended to further the dialogue within the organisation, open the committee to input from the ITU community, and ensure greater transparency. Head of HR, Kirsten Uldall Juhl, explains the new initiative.

Written August 27, 2023 by Theis Duelund Jensen

What is the purpose of the new mailbox?

The purpose is to involve the whole of the organisation in the work with the committee and ensure that everyone is able to reach out with comments and suggestions with regard to diversity and inclusion at ITU. We hope that this will encourage members of the ITU community to share perspectives and ideas, so that they may help shape the work of the committee.

For what types of inquiries is the mailbox intended?

Anything and everything that involves inclusion and diversity at the university. The committee was launched to ensure that ITU is an open and welcoming workplace for everyone. In the committee, we work to ensure that new initiatives are launched to this aim. However, the committee consists of a handful of representatives from the managerial layer of the organisation including the vice-chancellor, and to make sure that the work to maintain an inclusive and open working environment reflects the entire institution,  we want to involve the organisation as a whole.

How will inquiries be handled?

The committee has four annual meetings scheduled. At each meeting we will address inquiries, but if they are of a time sensitive nature they will of course be processed outside regular meetings. We have received several inquiries from members of staff asking how to contact the committee, and it is of course very important that there is a direct channel for doing so. It is our hope that everyone at ITU will take part in the mission to work for inclusion and diversity.

Why is it necessary to have a Committee for Diversity and Inclusion?

Because it is tremendously important for everyone to feel included at ITU, and for everyone to know that their voice will be heard. Ensuring an inclusive work environment is not something that can be achieved by introducing seminars and workshops in individual departments. These are of course also important in order to spread awareness, but an atmosphere of inclusion has to permeate our workplace culture. This concern must be present in everything we do and in our day-to-day lives at the university.

We want to make sure that we attract students and coworkers from all walks of life. We are only successful in doing so if we foster a culture that is inclusive of all.

Reach out to the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion at diversity-inclusion@itu.dk.

Committee for Diversity and Inclusion

  • The committee has been tasked with assessing the university’s diversity efforts
  • It is headed by Rector Per Bruun Brockhoff