Practicing Study-Life Balance: when perfection becomes a challenge

Practicing Study-Life Balance: when perfection becomes a challenge

About the event

Wednesday, April 01, 2020 3:00 PM - Wednesday, April 01, 2020 5:00 PM


This event has been postponed. 
A new date will be announced as soon as possible.  


Have you experienced that there were not enough hours in a week to do what you aimed for?
Perhaps even a pressure to perform or a scramble for higher marks?
Or a fear of not doing well enough?

In this workshop we look at what it means to be a student, having ambitions and feeling pressure from different perspectives.

Together with other students, you will get to put our own experiences in to play, work with and share practices.
You will become more aware of the different elements of student life, that might create an imbalance in your student life.

Practicing study-life balance means putting effort into your academic work while also taking time to enjoy the social and cultural aspects of being a student. After the workshop you will be able to look at how you prioritize and choose between tasks and expectations, but also have a new way of thinking about your life as a student and how to approach it, helping you navigate in new ways.

The event is organized in collaboration with PROSA and psychologists from Student Counselling Service.

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Note: limitted number of seats