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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) is in charge of the IT University’s building and facilities. They take care of the day-to-day operation of the building, as well as your student ID, printers and copiers and events in the house. FM is furthermore responsible for building security and the ITU’s contingency plans in case of emergency.

If you have questions regarding the facilities, your student ID or the printers, please enquire at FM.

You can find FM in the 0C-wing or send an email to FM@itu.dk.

IT Universitetet

Contigency Plan

At ITU an alert is announced in the loudspeakers. Normally, a warning will be broadcast in the entire building. If evacuation is required, an order to evacuate will be announced in the section of the building that needs to be evacuated.

In case of evacuation, the fire escapes must be used. Never use the elevators or the open stairs in Atrium.

Assembly point is the parking lot if nothing else is announced over the loudspeakers or by the first-aiders.

Please familiarize yourselves escape routes, marked with the green signs.

Read the full Contingency Plan.

First aid box

Alcohol and Smoking Policy


Liquor glass with dark liquor

ScrollBar serves alcohol on Fridays from 3pm to 2 am. Alcoholic beverages bought in the ScrollBar must be consumed in either ScrollBar, the Atrium or the outdoor smoking areas.

Alcoholic beverages bought elsewhere may not be consumed at the IT University. As an exception, students may enjoy a drink on the occasion of a finished exam.

The janitor at the IT University is obligated to report if the rules above are not respected. The janitor also has the authority to stop any unacceptable behavior.


Smoking is not allowed at the IT University. At the parking lot behind the university you can smoke in the designated area.