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֎ Courses you can postpone

Full-time studies
Even though the registration requirement is 22,5 ECTS each semester, the ITU study programmes are still structured with 30 ECTS each semester. Choosing to study 22,5 ECTS therefore means postponing a course to a later semester.

Progression in your studies
To be able to ensure a proper study progression each Head of Study Programme has decided on a specific course or study element for each semester, which can be postponed.

The courses allowed to postpone are tagged with this symbol ֎ in the Contents of your programme-section above.

The progression requirement

If you decide on postponing a course or more on different semesters you need to be aware of the progression requirement.
The progression requirement outlines that you need to pass 45 ECTS each year – meaning 22,5 ECTS each semester.

In doubt, you can always contact The Study and Career Guidance for help with a study plan.