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The Thesis is a 30 ECTS project, which concludes your MSc programme. It is an independent project, which should show that you are able to work with a topic of your own choosing at a high academic level. The Thesis is concluded with an oral defense.

When can you start your thesis?

Normally, you write your Thesis in your 4th semester, as you can see in the study programme.

In certain cases - e.g. if you have not been able to pass 30 ECTS each semester - you might have to consider writing the project in another semester. However, as a minimum you need to have passed 60 ECTS when signing up for your thesis.

More detailed information

For specific information about the thesis (registration, deadlines, supervisor etc.) go to Study Administration / Project work / Thesis.

Get a head start on your thesis writing process with Thesis Prep

In the semester before you write your thesis, the KDDIT Thesis Coordinator organises a series of workshops aimed at helping you get a head start on the process of writing your thesis.

These workshops are a stand-alone part of the 3rd semester specialisation courses (worth 2,5 ECTS) and is scheduled separately from the specialisations. Conducted approximately once a month, each workshop focuses on a new aspect of the thesis writing process from choosing your topic and problem statement to allocation of supervisor and the writing process itself.