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Pre-approval of courses

If you want to take courses at another university in the future as a part of your degree at the IT University, you must apply for a pre-approval.

Be aware that aside from applying for pre-approval from ITU, you also need to follow the guidelines for admission, if you are taking the courses at other Universities. Look for admission rules for guest students or exchange students on their website.

If your courses are to be part of an individual specialisation, remember you need to apply for an individual specialisation, and not just the pre-approval.

For information about approval of courses that you have passed before you enrolled at ITU, please see the section Credit Transfer.

Timeline for applications

The deadline is every 1st of the month throughout the year
(July not included)

This means that all applications received up until (as an example) March 1 will be processed during March.

The reply to the application will then follow around first of April (the standard processing time being 4 weeks.) 

If you want to apply in good time, then aim at applying for Autumn courses already during Spring.

And vice versa apply for Spring courses during the autumn semester leading up.

Keep in mind that you will need to have the approval, to be able to register for a specific course the coming semester.

Therefore apply in good time with regards to the registration periods. Find them here

An approved specialisation does not guarantee you a spot on the course.


How to apply

  • Fill out the application form
  • Make a provisional study plan
  • Include the relevant documentation:
    • Link to course descriptions including the number of credits awarded for the course
    • Course title and course code (add an English course title to be used on your final ITU diploma).
    • Conversion to ECTS (if the course is not in ECTS). Please add a link to document how the conversion is made.
    • Link to where the level of the course is documented (BSc or MSc). 
    • Students on Master and Diploma (part time programmes) will also have to submit documentation that they have had two years of full-time work experience prior to following the course. This is NOT a requirement for BSc and MSc students.

You must enclose documentation as links (e.g. to a university’s course catalogue). Make sure that links are stable.

You do not need to send us ITU-Diplomas or course descriptions for ITU-courses. We only need documentation from other universities.

Send the application to Student Affairs and Programmes at

Processing your application

The handling of your application begins after the deadline. It involves different tasks in order to secure the academic output for you, when taking courses outside of ITU. This involves evaluating and comparing the courses that are listed for pre-approval, to guarantee that it matches you programme. 

Because different people are involved at different times, and because of the amount of applications we normally receive, the processing time is 4 weeks. We always work hard to have a reply for you as soon as possible.

Useful information

You must register for 22,5 ECTS each semester. If you get a pre-approval of courses outside ITU it will count as part of this requirement.

If the course(s) you want to have pre-approved are not ECTS-based, you must document how many credits/points/units cover a full time semester at the foreign university.

For example:
University X requires 120 credits to obtain a bachelor degree. The bachelor degree takes 8 semesters to complete (4 years).

Hence, 120 credits is divided by 8 semesters, which is equal to 15 credits pr. semester.

The pre-approval of courses is a preliminary approval. It is not the actual transfer of credits from another educational institution.

You must submit documentation of passed and non-passed courses that have been pre-approved by the university. You should do this as soon as you receive a transcript of your records.

Send the documentation along with the original pre-approval letter from Student Affairs and Programmes by email to


You must notify the IT University if you are not using your pre-approval, as you must be registered for study activities at the IT University instead. If you forget to tell us, the pre-approval will block you from registering for other courses.


If your application is rejected or only partly approved, you can file a complaint.

You must send the complaint within two weeks from the day you received the decision.

  • If you want to complain in relation to the academic assessment, your complaint will go to the Credit Transfer Appeals Board / meritankenævnet.
  • If you want to complain in relation to the legal assessment, you complaint will be handled by ITU.

No matter who you are complaining to you send the complaint in an email to and we will direct it to the department responsible.

It can take up to 4 weeks processing your application. 

For more information about complaints concerning pre-approval of courses please check out these links: 


This page was last updated August, 2023