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Make a Time Budget

Make a time budget

Most people can relate to time planning being important – and challenging at the same time.

Being a student is your main activity. It is therefore important that you are aware of how you use your time in order to reach your goal: completing the degree you are studying.

Are you to time optimistic? Or pessimistic? Or have a hard time sticking to your plan?

In either case it can be useful to tune in on how you actually spent your time at the moment. Based on this you can make better changes and plans for how, when and where study more effectively.

Fill out the time budget, to find out how you spent your time. Be as honest and realistic as possible.

Make your own time budget using this template.

A time budget

Advice for your Time Budget

If you, based on your inputs to the time budget, find that you do not have enough hours in an ordinary week consider the following:

  • Make a weekly schedule, where all your activities are listed.
  • Prioritise your time. Consider some of the following.
  1. What is important for you to have a good study-life-balance?
  2. Which of your activities are need to? And which are nice to?
  3. Which of your activities do you need to give more time?
  4. Which should you down prioritise?
  • Reflect on when and where you make the most of your time and study the best.
  • Choose he same time every day. Make a habit of reading and studying here.
  • Make use of intervening periods: use time between activities to read, visit the library, prepare, repeat or talk to your study group.
  • Do not overbook yourself. Make sure to plan breaks and free time.
  • Look at your weekly plan, and assess if you would ask your best friend to take over your calendar?
  • If not, you should most likely re-assess your plan.