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A new normal

Every June and December we require you to register for the following semester. This is nothing new BUT registering for your mandatory courses is. Up until now the responsibility has been placed with SAP, but now we place that responsibility with you, adding flexibility to your studies if needed.

Adding to this the registration requirement will be discontinued effective 1 September 2024

Written May 12, 2024 by Student Affairs and Programmes


Early April it was decided to discontinue the registration requirement effective 1 September 2024. This aligns naturally with the new practice of registering for all your study activities yourself, including your mandatory courses. SAP will not be able to notify you if you forget to register, since we do not check up on your registrations anymore. This is the new normal to be aware of when registering in June.

With the added responsibility of managing all your registrations yourself and in light of the registration requirement being discontinued, we can only urge you to look carefully at what to be aware of if you chose not to follow the intended study structure. Please keep reading for a repetition of all the details to be aware of.

When and how 
The new normal is effective starting June 2024 when registering for the Autumn 2024 semester and for all semesters thereafter. Besides registering for your mandatory courses, you will still need to register for your electives, projects and specialisation courses as usual. You register in My Study Activities, and you can find the details related to this on ITU Student.

Please note that SAP will continue to register all 1. semester BSc and MSc students for their mandatory courses. 

A new practice but the same study structure 
This will have no effect on the structure of your studies since you register according to the study structure on your programme. Following the intended study structure is the set standard, since it considers the inherent progression built into the courses. On the other hand, we acknowledge that sometimes life can get in the way of this. Therefore, giving back some basic flexibility, if for some reason you need to push specific courses, is a way to accommodate that. 

Registering for less than the advised 22,5 ECTS for Autumn 2024 will not require an exemption.
Be aware of the possible downfalls 
It is important to stress that you need to carefully think about how you choose to administer this new responsibility. Maybe it proves to be difficult to follow the logic of your programme, if you have registered without acknowledging the inherent progression built onto the courses. Maybe by pushing courses you end up not meeting the requirements for the first-year exam or you risk prolonging your education beyond the maximum programme duration. Then come the issues related to your SU. We have unfolded these issues in the FAQ below if needed.

Please spread the word, so everyone will remember to register for all their study activities when we reach the registration period 31 May 1 – June 11, 2024. 
(the period is extended by two extra days)



What is the first-year exam? (BSc only) 
All BSc student must meet the requirements of the first-year exam to be able to continue their bachelor programme. The first-year exam requires that you must pass exams corresponding to 45 ECTS by the end of your first year of study. If you due to special circumstances are not able to meet this requirement, you can apply for an exemption to postpone the deadline for when you must have passed the first-year exam. 

What is the maximum programme duration? 
For Bachelor of Science (BSc) students you must conclude your Bachelor programme within four years (students enrolled autumn 2015 or later.) 
For Master of Science (MSc) students you must conclude your Master programme within three years (students enrolled in autumn 2015 or later.) 

SU and being delayed?
Your SU is all about how many ECTS you attain, while receiving SU. The SU study activity requirement allows you to be delayed by a maximum of 30 ECTS. If you exceed it, your SU will stop. Even if an ITU rule or exemption allows you to only take a certain amount of ECTS, it will not transcend to your SU situation. The possibility of your SU being cut due to a delay, even if it is approved by ITU is a fact. If delayed due to special circumstances you can apply to get extra grants. See for detailed information. You can always check the status of your SU (studiefremdrift) at MinSU/se din su.  

Running out of SU? 

Another scenario is if you run out of SU, due to postponing courses and prolonging your studies. Fellow students might have more SU clips, since the circumstances for how many clips you have can vary, so checking up on this is vital. Please visit to understand more about SU clips and how you are supported.