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Summer University

All the basics

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With the right planning ITU Summer University can offer flexibility to your programme! 

When to registrer

You register for courses at Summer University December 1 - 10 in MyStudyActivities. In case that there are seats available we will open for registration again June 1 - June 10.

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Summer University FAQ

When can I register for a Summer Course

You register for summer courses between December 1 and December 10. This year there are limited seats available that you can register for between June 1 and June 10.

What if I want to change my registration

If you have changes to your registration, you can register and cancel a registration for a summer course within the first two weeks of the Spring semester (week 5 & 6)

When and where will the classes take place

All classes will be held at ITU from Monday to Friday in weeks 29-31. Experimental Design in Practice will begin in week 28.

When is my exam and re-exam

All exams for summer courses will take place in week 32. Re-exams will take place in week 34.

What happens if I fail my second exam attempt

If you fail your second exam attempt for a summer course, you will have to follow the course again for your third attempt. For some courses, this may again give you the option of choosing between the course that runs during Autumn/Spring semesters or the Summer University version.

NB: Always remember to align your study plan to the requirements for progression and rules for full-time studying.

How do I know if I can sign up for a summer course

Visit the overview of Summer Courses to see which courses are available to your study programme for Summer University.

Where can I find help to register for a summer course

If you have any questions on how and where to register for summer courses, please contact Student Affairs and Programmes.

What if I did not get a seat on the summer course I registred for

Seats for summer courses will be allocated according to the principles for allocation of course seats

Please note that you are not guaranteed a seat for a summer course even though it is a mandatory course for your study programme.