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During the course of your programme, you have to choose and pass a specialisation. This gives you a more distinctive profile and it is an opportunity to point your academic profile in the direction you wish to go after graduation.

You can choose one of the specialisations in the table below, or you can apply for an individual specialisation (see below).

For how to register, go to Study Administration / Registration

The details
Each specialisation amounts to a total of 22.5 ECTS points, and consists of two specific modules:

Module 1 is a 7.5 ECTS course that you attend during the second semester.
Module 2 is a 15 ECTS course that you attend during the third semester.

Click the title for a description of the specialisation

Big Data Part 1 - 7.5 ECTS - KBBIDAP1KU
Big Data Processes
Part 2 - 15 ECTS - KBMBADD1KU
Managing Business and Data-Driven

NB: The specialisation in Big Data presupposes that you are learning or have previously learned basic programming
* New course in Autumn 2024. 

Digital Economics Part 1 - 7.5 ECTS - KBSEECO1KU
Service Economics
Part 2 - 15 ECTS - KBBLECO1KU
Blockchain Economics

Service Design Part 1 - 7.5 ECTS - KBINSDM1KU 
Introduction to Service Design and Management
Part 2 - 15 ECTS - KBSEDMI1KU
Service Design - Management and Implementation

Public Digitalisation Part 1 - 7.5 ECTS - KBDISTA1KU
The Digital State
Part 2 - 15 ECTS - KBDIPST1KU
The Digital State in Practice
Updated February 2021!

You register for the courses - not the specialisation

You cannot register for a specialisation. Instead, you must sign up for and pass the courses on the specialisation. A course registration for the 1st part of the specialisation is a prerequisite for signing up for the 2nd part in the following semester with the following exceptions:

You are allowed to include either Blockchain Economics (2nd part of the Digital Economics specialisation) or The Digital State in Practice ( 2nd part of the Public Digitalisation Specialisation) in an individual specialisation. See how you apply for an individual specialisation below.