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Bilateral Partners

Partners outside of Europe are called bilateral partners.

A bilateral partner can offer exchange places to students either commissioning a tuition fee or not. To find more information on each partner destination and the pre-requisites for joining that particular partner, please go to “Where can I go?”.

First step

Once nominated to a partner, the partner will get in touch with you with specific information. They will typically ask you to fill in an application directly with them. As with all other partners it is the receiving partner, i.e. the host university who decides to accept or not accept a student.

Language test

If the partner requests a language test, you are responsible for booking, paying and preparing for a test. Some partners only require a letter of English proficiency from ITU. Please check with the International Coordinator. 


The partner will ask you to send them various forms of documentation (depends on the partner, and they will send you direct information on this), and you are responsible for making sure that you have everything they ask for in order and on time. And if you are going to a country where you need a visa, you are responsible for applying for a visa.