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Legal right (How to apply to a MSc)

The legal right is a guaranteed place on a specific MSc programme. All BSc programmes will have on or more MSc programmes, where the legal right guarantees the student a place on the programme.

You can look up the MSc programmes you have legal right for in the Appendix to the curricula

Important to be aware of:

  • To make use of your legal right to be admitted to the MSc that is open for your type of BSc, you need to apply for a seat within 3 years from finishing your BSc studies.
  • When using your legal right you do not have to document what is listed for the normal admission process, but you still need to apply. 

You can read about this on as well, when you look up the admission requirements: How to apply (GB or DK)


You can off course apply to the MSc programmes you find interesting, even if you do not have legal right.

Then you just apply on the same terms as every other student without legal right.

Applying for a MSc programme

If you are currently on the last semester of your BSc programme and you want to start studying an MSc programme at ITU this autumn, you must apply before March 1 at 23:59

How to apply

Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the admission requirements for the different MSc programmes and be aware that even if you have legal right, you still need to apply. 

For more information on the MSc programmes, the admission requirements and procedures please go to the ITU website: How to apply for a MSc (GB or DK).

Make sure to read the instructions on how to apply and what to document carefully.  

Follow this link to go to the application portal.