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Special Conditions

If you are suffering from physical or mental disabilities or are dealing with similar difficulties, The Board of Studies can approve special conditions for an exam. This is to ensure that you are able to demonstrate your knowledge and competences notwithstanding your given disability.

An exam on special conditions must be both practically possible and reasonable and must not lower the general academic standard or level of exam. 

A small amount of exams are held outside the usual terms for ordinary exams and re-exams - usually in April or October. If you are applying for special conditions for one of these exams, the deadline is four weeks before the beginning of the exam.

What special examination conditions are possible?

The adaption is given on the basis of the individual student´s situation, but here are some examples:

  • extra time
  • rest breaks
  • private room during a written exam on premises
  • use of a computer

How to apply

You must apply using the form: Application for special examination conditions

Remember to enclose a medical certificate or other medical documentation, or a reading and writing test, if relevant.

The documentation should ideally include a description and recommendation detailing what the student can or cannot, and what they will need for the exam.

Send it to

What about special conditions at the re-exam?

If you were granted special conditions for the ordinary exam in the same term, you must tell us that you want to take the re-exam on special conditions too. But you do not have to apply again. Simply send an e-mail with the special conditions form attached, so we can see which re-exams you would like special conditions for, and send it to Remember to refer to your application for special conditions at the ordinary exam.

See the box above to your left for deadlines.  

What about SPS (Special pedagogical support)

If you are suffering from physical or mental disabilities on a long-term or permanent basis, you can apply for SPS. SPS is meant to ensure that you are able to complete a higher education on equal terms with other students. Find more information on SPS here.

If you have any questions in relation to applying for special conditions, please contact The Study and Career Guidance.