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Special examination conditions

A common need when struggling with a disability, can be the need for special conditions at an exam. The possibility is given to ensure that you are able to demonstrate your knowledge and competences regardless of your given disability. 

Please note
Exam anxiety in it self is not considered as a disability in this context.
Therefore it will not result in special conditions at your exam.

An exam on special conditions must be both practically possible and reasonable and must not lower the general academic standard or level of exam. 

You can book a meeting with the SPS student counsellor as soon as you are confirmed admitted to your Programme. The sooner the better.

How to apply

Before applying for special conditions for the exam you need to book a meeting with the SPS student counsellor at

By talking to the SPS student counsellor, you ensure that you receive adequate information about your options for special examination conditions.

You can book a meeting with the SPS student counsellor as soon as you are confirmed admitted to your Programme.

Book a meeting here 

For most of the exam forms you only need to apply once for your entire BSc and once again for your entire MSc Programme

During the meeting you will discuss your needs and opportunities with the SPS student counsellor.

Your talk will also focus more specifically on the information required for the application:

  • information about your disability
  • information about the consequences of your disability
  • the specific special examination conditions you apply for

When applying it is important to enclose documentation of your disability. 

Depending on the disability in question, this may be:

  • Medical certificate from a general practitioner
  • other medical documentation
  • Specialist statement
  • Dyslexia test

The documentation should ideally include a description and recommendation detailing what you can or cannot, and what you will need for the exam.


After the meeting, the SPS student counsellor will send the application along with the relevant documentation to the case worker.
The documentation is provided by you to the counsellor. 

Applying during your studies

If you are already studying and find that you need special examination conditions for the rest of your Programme, you can apply before the following deadlines.

Remember for applying you will need to book a meeting with the SPS counsellor. 

  • October 1 for ordinary exam
  • 2nd Wednesday in February for re-exam

  • March 1 for ordinary exam
  • 2nd Wednesday in July for re-exam

A small amount of exams are held outside the usual terms for ordinary exams and re-exams - usually in April or October.

If you are applying for special conditions for one of these exams, the deadline is four weeks before the beginning of the exam.

What are the special examination conditions you can get?

If you can document a disability, ITU has set the following general conditions that you can get for the exams. If you need special examination conditions that are beyond the general conditions, you need to include relevant documentation for this in your application.

Please note that as a general rule, ITU does not allow use of electronic devices at the exam.

  • 50% extra time
  • Room with fewer students
  • Breaks during exams
  • Use of special aids

  • 100% extra preparation time (only relevant if there are on premises preparation for the exam)
  • 100% extra time

  • 24 hours extra for the exams that have a timespan of 1-7 days
  • 50% extra time for exams that are 3-5 hours long 
  • Use of special aids

  • 50% extra time for the oral project exam 

Specifically for the Bachelor and Thesis oral exams (in case of dyslexia)

  • Exemption from having spelling and writing skills assessed

Change of the exam form?

If your special needs relate to a change of the exam form, this needs to be discussed explicitly with the SPS student counsellor at the meeting. Exam forms generally cannot be changed

If you want to apply for a change of exam form, you must apply for the specific exam and for each semester

If your medical documentation recommends a change in the exam form, the course manager will decide if the recommended change is in alignment with the intended learning outcomes of the course.