Atriumboks smal


When you graduate from your studies at ITU, you will be issued an official diploma.

Getting your Diploma

We will send your diploma to your home address within two months after your final exam. The month of July is not included when calculating the two-month time limit.

Please remember to send us your correct address if you are moving in the period after you finish.

You can also arrange to come by and pick up your Diploma, in that case you need to send us an emailing informing us of this wish. Send an e-mail to 

The diploma will include the following

  • Confirmation of your degree in Danish and English.
  • Transcript of your grades in Danish and English.
  • Competence profile in Danish and English, listing the knowledge, skills and competences you have obtained from your study.
  • Diploma Supplement in English describing the official main fields, language, level and requirements of your study.

See examples of the Competence profile and the Diploma supplement.

You can find information specific to your study programme in your curriculum.

Official documentation

If, in the meantime, you need official documentation that you have finished your studies, you can print a transcript from My Study Activities, and then 
come by the front office in Student Affairs and Programmes for a signature and an official stamp.

Getting a new diploma?
ITU can not offer to provide you with copies of your diploma or a new diploma, if you should lose your original one. The diploma will be issued in accordance with the current information available when you finish your degree. This means, that as a rule you can not get a new diploma, if you change your name at a later point.
As an exemption to this rule, the ITU can make you a new diploma, if you have changed your social security number (CPR-number). If this is the case, please contact for information on how to proceed.

Instead of a new diploma you can print a transcript of records from My Study Activities using your NemID as log-in. If needed SAP will be happy sign it and stamp it for you. See opening hours. Note that name changes will not appear in transcripts.