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LearnIT performance issues updates

What if LearnIT crashes during your exam?

Unfortunately last exam period we experienced problems with LearnIT crashing. Since we cannot rule out it will happen again, this page is shared with you, so you can navigate the issues day by day. 

General advice
To avoid LearnIT crashing, please upload your submissions and appendices in good time of the deadline. 

  • If everyone submits within 10 minutes of the deadline, LearnIT will have performance issues.
  • Be patient - only pres Submit once. Otherwise, you'll build up a queue.

If we see LearnIT struggling, we will try to extend the deadline, so please try to submit even if the deadline has passed.

If you get a receipt for your submission, - congratulations! This means your submission was successful. If not, see for how to submit in the box to your left.

See here for updates

Monday May 13
Everything seems fine in LearnIT and we have no reports on performance issues