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As ITU is in lockdown, The IT Library is closed. Therefore, you can not handle physical books, nor requests or inter-library loans. Access to e-books is not possible either.

You can still use the electronic databases of scientific articles via the search interface searchIT.

Use ITU VPN connection when searching via remote access

A number of publishers have granted (some degree of) open access throughout the international corona-virus lockdown.

These include:

Cambridge University Press (700 textbooks): Read more here

Universitetsforlaget (36,000+ research articles and books):

JSTOR (6,000+ eboks and 150+ journals; not a lockdown initiative, but still worth mentioning): https: //

New York Public Library has 300,000+ downloadable books (and more than 800,000 downloadable items): Read more here 

National Emergency Library provide Digitized Books to Students and the Public. There are 2,5 million titles to choose from. Read more here

Directory of Open Acces journals have more than 14.000 journals available.

ITU has access to IEEE suite of 400 + eLearning courses through to the end of June to help support students and faculty members teaching engineering and computer science. Find them here.

Finally, many researchers share pre-prints of their research on sites such as ResearchGate and

This list is not exhaustive. If you know of other resources, please share them with fellow students and 

Remember, you still have access to a wide range of scientific articles through a number of databases. Find the full list here.


Access to the article databases these must be in compliance with the vendors’ terms of use and ITU´s policy.

Special attention should put on the restriction of automated download/scraping. This is NOT allowed. It must be specifically stated otherwise, before scraping is conducted, or a written consent must be obtained.

Not fulfilling terms of use can result in termination of the services for all at ITU.


ITU students have access to electronic resources from a number of scientific publishers and databases. These digital resources can be accessed through searchIT. See the full list of databases.


The IT Library Resources is a collection of knowledge resources available to the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). It includes scientific databases and periodicals available to ITU, the IT Library collection, and an overview of reports and theses created at ITU.


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