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ITU's internal newsletter is sent out by e-mail on Monday mornings in a Student and a Staff edition. News items are submitted by students and staff. We also bring relevant stories from external sources. 

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Contribute to readIT

Contribute to readIT by using this submit form

In order to submit a news item, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Name of contact person, email address, and department, study programme or business
  2. Is your news item relevant for students, staff or both?
  3. Short and precise headline
  4. A clear text in English, max. 80 words. If you wish to include more text, there are several options (see fact box on the right).
  5. An image in size 1000 x 500, .jpg-format.


The deadline is Wednesdays at 12 noonNews items received later than this will not be published until the following week. News items are only published once.

Tips for readIT

Need more space?

If you need to write more than 75 words, you have the following possibilities: 

A. Insert a link to a website where the reader can find more information.

B. Upload a PDF to a server and insert a link. 

If you need any help, please write to

Need an image?

You have free access to 200.000 stock photos via the university, and it only takes approx. 5 min. to create a user account in Colourbox. You are also welcome to use photos of the ITU buildingstudents or management.

What can be published in readIT?

  • News relevant for students, staff or both.
  • Stories that involve the IT University.

What cannot be published in readIT?

  • External job ads must be posted in the job bank.

Questions or ideas

E-mail your questions and ideas for readIT to