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ITU Alumni

The ITU Alumni will as an example provide the following:

  • Invitations to selected ITU events
  • Start-up events
  • After-hour events
  • News and research reports from ITU’s scientific scene
  • Mentor-programmes
  • And so forth 

How to become a member:

Please follow the link and register as an Alumni 

The platforms we use

As an ITU-graduate you can become part of our LinkedIn-group. Here you can see and share job-postings, exciting events and news.

You can also socialize and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Here we’ll share news, events and happenings from ITU that are relevant to our Alumni network. 

ITU Job- and project bank

If you’re looking for a competent IT-profile then you are welcome to use ITUs Job- og project bank.

Should you have any questions, ideas or wish to partake in our mentor programme, feel free to write our Alumni coordinator on We look forward to hearing from you.

The ITU Alumni Team