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Credit Transfer

If you have passed courses before your current enrolment you might qualify for a compulsory credit transfer. If not you can apply for a credit transfer in order to have your prior study activities be part of your ITU programme.

Compulsory Credit transfer

If you have acquired skills at a similar level and with similar content through previously uncompleted study activities, you will have already had to include this in your application. Based on your information, we will determine if you qualify for a compulsory credit transfer. 

The compulsory credit transfer we might grant you when starting your studies only relates to the mandatory courses on your programme. If you want courses taken in the past, to substitute elective modules here at ITU, you must apply for a credit transfer. If awarded this, you cannot take the course in question (ECTS) at ITU.

Please follow this link for information on the requirements for progression.

Credit transfer

A credit transfer will be awarded if the study board of your programme considers your previously acquired skills to be equivalent to skills students will acquire in the current programme. You can apply to have credits transferred for both mandatory courses and elective modules.

When applying for a credit transfer related to elective modules, you do not need to describe the ITU electives.

If you have passed a course during your BSc programme that is similar to a course you need to take on your MSc programme, you cannot apply for a credit transfer.

Courses from a bachelor’s degree cannot be part of both your bachelor and MSc degree. A credit transfer only involves courses at a similar level. Instead, you can apply for an exemption to replace the course.

How to apply for a credit transfer

  • Fill out the application form informing us about your past course and stating the title of course in question at ITU.
    Or, if the course is an elective module, simply state this.
  • Make a provisional study plan
  • Include the relevant documentation:
    • Link to course descriptions including the number of credits awarded for the course
    • Course title and course code (add an English course title to be used on your final ITU diploma).
    • Transcript of records
    • Link to where the level of the course is documented (BSc or MSc). 
    • Students on part-time programmes such as Master and Diploma will also have to submit documentation that they have had two years of full-time work experience prior to following the course. This is NOT a requirement for BSc and MSc students.

Timeline for applications

The deadline is every 1st of the month throughout the year
(July not included)

This means that all applications received up until (as an example) March 1 will be processed during March.

The reply to the application will then follow around first of April (the standard processing time being 4 weeks.) 

If you want to apply in good time, then aim at applying for Autumn courses already during Spring.

And vice versa apply for Spring courses during the autumn semester leading up.



You can enclose documentation as links (e.g. to a university’s course catalogue). Make sure that links are stable.

You do not need to send us ITU Diplomas or course descriptions for ITU-courses.

Email the application to Student Affairs and Programmes at

Pre-approved courses and Credit transfers

If you want to transfer courses you have taken while studying at ITU, that have already been pre-approved by ITU, you do not have to apply for a credit transfer. Simply send a transcript of the exams along with a copy of the pre-approval to

Maximum course transfer

BSc students can transfer courses from other educational institutions up to a maximum of 120 ECTS.
MSc students can transfer courses from other educational institutions up to a maximum of 60 ECTS.


Whether it concerns your compulsory credit transfer or the application made by you for a credit transfer (rejected or only partly approved), you can file a complaint.

You must send the complaint within two weeks from the day you received the decision.

  • If you want to complain in relation to the academic assessment, your complaint will go to The Credit Transfer Appeals board Board / Meritankenævnet.
  • If you want to complain in relation to the legal assessment, you complaint will be handled by ITU.

No matter who you are complaining to you send the complaint in an email to and we will direct it to the department responsible.

It can take up to 4 weeks processing your application. 

For more information about complaints concerning credit transfer please check out these links: