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Bachelor Project

The bachelor project is a 15 ECTS project that concludes your BSc programme. It is an independent project defined by a project agreement. You complete the bachelor project with a written bachelor report and an individual oral exam.

When can I write the bachelor project?

Normally, you write your bachelor project in your 6th semester, as you can see in the contents of your programme overview.

In certain cases - e.g. if you have not been able to pass 30 ECTS each semester - you might have to consider writing the project in another semester. However, you must have passed 120 ECTS before you can register for the bachelor project.

More detailed information

For specific information about the bachelor project (registration, deadlines, supervisor etc.) go to Study Administration / Project work / Bachelor project.


Get a head start on writing your BDDIT bachelor project

In the semester before you write your bachelor project, the BDDIT programme team organises 2 workshops aimed at helping you get a head start on the process of writing your bachelor project.

Each year in June and August, students are invited to join a learnIT group where more information about the workshops, the proces for allocating a project supervisor and more general information are available. 

If you are preparing to write your bachelor project and you have not received an email, please contact the BDDIT Programme Coordinator.