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Admission to a MSc - Meeting the requirements

It can be necessary to consider in advance what your plans for a MSc at ITU are. Especially if you are considering a MSc in Computer Science.

You then need to choose specific electives on your 5th and 6th semester in order to live up to the requirements.

Legal right - guaranteed enrolment
Keep in mind that you will always have legal right for at least one MSc programme, but you can choose to apply for other programmes at ITU as well.

Enrolled 2021 or later
Then your legal right is for the MSc in Data Science

Enrolled 2020 or before
Then your your legal right depends on which track you decided to study

BDS Business track:
- MSc DS or MSc DIM

BDS Technical track:
- MSc DS or MSc CS

See for detailed information about how to apply for a MSc and legal right by following this link

Especially about KCS
If you consider applying to MSc Computer Science you must besides the mandatory BDS courses take two BSc SWU courses as electives in order to fulfill the KCS admission requirements.

For the autumn semester (5th semester) you choose: Operating Systems and C and for the spring semester (6th semester) you choose: Functional Programming.

If you are on exchange in autumn 5th semester and would like to continue on MSc CS you must have a pre-approved course for Operating Systems and C.