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Exemption to apply for elective courses outside the course list

Students with a very different academic background compared to the norm of their programme can sometimes feel a need to look at courses outside of the course list offered for their programme. This is possible but only in very specific cases. 

These three conditions must be meet:

  • The course in question has to match the level of your programme (BSc/MSc)
  • You must possess special academic prerequisites that qualify you to follow the course
  • The course must be academically relevant to your programme
  • The course must available as an elective at ITU for other study programmes in general. 

How to apply

You apply for the exemption in the same way you would apply for a pre-approval for a course outside ITU. 
Find the application form here.*

You need to attach these documents to your application:

  • Description of your special academic prerequisites
  • Documentation of your special academic prerequisites (diplomas for programmes or courses obtained)
  • Your motivation for wanting to take the course

Send it to 

*Since you are applying for ITU courses you do not need to attach or link to course descriptions from ITU.


How to register
If your application is approved, you will have to register for the course(s) in the registration period. Here you will need to tell SAP to register you, since the course will not be available to register for in My Study Activities.

You send an email with the request during the registration period.

Be aware
Even if you are granted the right to register for an elective course(s) outside the course list for your programme, you are not guaranteed a seat on the course(s).