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Welcome from your programme - BSc in Global Business Informatics

August 2022

Dear new Global Business Informatics students,

A warm welcome to the B.Sc. programme in Global Business Informatics (GBI) at the IT University of Copenhagen. In the next three years, you will work with the manifold opportunities and challenges that global organisations and societies face in relation to digital technologies. You will learn to look at these opportunities and challenges through the lenses that different scientific disciplines offer, including computer science, sociology, business, and information systems. You will see state-of-the-art technologies and business practices but also foundational theories and concepts that have stood the test of time.

The programme is taught entirely in English, and you will meet faculty members of different nationalities and with a diversity of experiences. Along with a variety of teaching activities with a strong international focus, this will hopefully create an inspiring and viable local as well as global environment for you to work in.

High-level academic content and teaching are important in defining educational quality, and at the IT University we aim to ensure that you obtain the competencies needed in the future job market. We work in close contact with an Employer's Panel and our dialogue with them as well as with our broad network of private and public sector stakeholders help us provide you with a solid academic basis for a versatile professional life.

At the IT University we expect active participation by our students, professionally and socially. Our programme is intense and demands a lot of work during all three years. The first semester we will establish study groups (approximately 6 students in each) to help you work together during the courses. All students are expected to be active members of their group. You can count on the support of IT University employees too. The teachers, the teaching assistants, the Study and Career Guidance, Student Affairs and Programmes and I as Head of Programme will help and guide you through the GBI life.

Do not hesitate to contact The Study and Career Guidance with questions relating to your studies. If you have questions of more factual character, e.g. regarding SU - The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme - please contact Student Affairs and Programmes.

All the best!

Yours sincerely,
Oliver Krancher Head of Programme in Global Business Informatics