Atriumboks smal


There are many books about how to plan an write a thesis or a smaller project. A lot of students also make a blog where they share their experiences, process and subject-related matters with others.

Below are some ideas for literature about the thesis process and how to write a thesis.

In Danish:

"Specielt om specialer - en aktivitetsbog" (2001) by Peter Stray Jørgensen and Lotte Rienecker, Samfundslitteratur.

"Den gode opgave. Håndbog i opgaveskrivning på videregående uddannelser" (2010) by Lotte Rienecker, Peter Stray Jørgensen et al.

"Specialeprocessen - Tag magten over dit speciale" (2011) by Vibeke Ankersborg, Samfundslitteratur.

In English:

"The Craft of Research" (1995) by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams, The University of Chicago Press.

"How to Write a Thesis" (2002) by Rowena Murray, Open University Press.

Literature for your Project

At the library, you can book an information specialist to help you find relevant literature for your project.