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Finding a Supervisor

For students on the Global Business Informatics programme, The Digital Design and Interactive Technologies programmes (BSc and MSc) and the Digital Innovation Management programme, the Head of Programme allocates the supervisor based on a round of student wishes.

Having spoken to a potential supervisor is thus no guarantee, but it is still encouraged.

Who should I choose?

Your supervisor's job is basically to guide you through the project process, focusing on the subject content. A good process and a good grade depends on a good collaboration between you and your supervisor.

You have several possibilities for finding a supervisor. First, it is a good idea to reflect on which teachers you have appreciated during your studies - both personally and professionally. Ask if your former teacher(s) have the time, or whether they know someone who has.

Think about your former experiences with writing projects (if any) - what do you need from a supervisor?

Supervisors are just as different as are students, and you should therefore find a good match for your supervisor. This requires you to be able to formulate and discuss your expectations with your future supervisor.

Remember that the best supervisor for you is not necessarily the person who knows the most about the subject area, or the most popular supervisor among your fellow students!

How to!

You can look at the faculty group homepages for inspiration - maybe there is someone within the subject area you want to write about that you do not know yet.

You are responsible for finding a supervisor that you find relevant for your choice of topic. Write an email or speak to the supervisor in person when your topic is sufficiently focused.