NLP, Fake News and Social Media

NLP, Fake News and Social Media

About the event

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 2:30 PM - Tuesday, October 25, 2022 3:15 PM

Bella Center Copenhagen

Fake news and the propagation of problematic information facilitated by social media platforms have been at the center of both public debate and scientific research. When we scratch under the surface, we soon realize that problematic information is a complex problem since addressing it means answering questions from different domains: journalism, media economy, and social media.

This aim of this session is to provide a multi-perspective overview on the multiple challenges behind problematic information on social media, and on the available tools to tackle it. We will do so by bringing together speakers representing the different actors involved: researchers, journalists, and social media platforms.

Welcoming talk: The many faces of Fake News, by session chair, Luca Rossi

Scientific Talk: NLP and social media, Marina Charquero Ballestar, Postdoc, AU

Scientific Talk: Editorial media and social media platforms: it’s complicated, Aske Kammer, RUC

Business Talk: Daniel Hanse,

Business Talk: Complexities of tacking the challenge of misinformation at scale: tools and possibilities for researchers, Nicole Lyon, Meta

Will be announced

Chair: Luca Rossi, Associate Professor, ITU

Moderator: Luca Rossi, Associate Professor, ITU

Session coordinator: Nikolaj Oppermann, Network, Innovation & Collaboration manager, ITU

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