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ITU Cloud Storage

At ITU you have two options when it comes to storing and sharing your data: Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Here you can read about them and find out which to use in different situations.


You may be familiar with Microsoft teams as a place to have digital meetings. However, Microsoft teams can be used for so much more. The core of Microsoft Teams is creating and working within teams.

It is easy to create a team and invite participants. When a team has been created, you can upload and store files in Teams which all participants will be able to access, edit and if allowed download. You can also access documents simultaneously and then write collaboratively.

You can also add a OneNote notebook and To-do lists to your team.

You can naturally invite your colleagues and your students, but you can also invite people from outside ITU to participate in your teams.

All files uploaded in a team belongs to the entire team.

It is possible to access Teams via a web app in your browser, but you can also choose to download an app to your computer.

 Find Teams here.

Below you can find various video guides.

Teams Video Guides


OneDrive is your own personal storage drive in the cloud.  It enables you to access your documents everywhere and from all devices. It is possible to share documents with others via OneDrive. But we don't recommend it. Instead we recommend to use Teams or ITU Files. All documents stored here belongs to you and will be deleted, when you leave The IT University. 

Find OneDrive here.

Below you can find various video guides.

OneDrive Video Guides