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Policies and committees

Sexual harassment policy
Sexual harassment is unacceptable at the IT University (ITU). Sexual harassment does not only concern the person subject to sexual harassment and the offending party, but also anyone who witnesses it. Everyone at ITU should know and comply with the sexual harassment policy.

Code of conduct policy
The IT-University of Copenhagen strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. In the interest of fostering an environment characterized by equality and respect, students should not behave in a way that offends, intimidates and is hostile, degrading or humiliating to others.

Gender equality plan
ITU’s Gender Equality Plan sets a framework for the gender equality work at the university and outlines concrete gender diversity and inclusion measures.

In the Gender Equality Plan, the university focuses on three tracks – recruitment, study environment, and working environment – in order to ensure gender diversity and an inclusive atmosphere among students and staff alike.

The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion
Find information about the Committee and why the initiative is important. Read about the current action plan and goals, as well as the annual report.