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 ITU Billboard is an internal communication channel. The channel is designed for broadcasting of general messages directed at students. Content published at ITU Billboard will be shown on the info screens at the elevators as well as on

Who can submit content for ITU Billboard?

All staff and students can submit content for ITU Billboard. However, the editorial team will ultimately decide what will be published.

The editorial team also reserves the right to remove already published content to make room for more important messages. If a piece of content is taken down before the previously agreed-upon date communicated to the submitter, they will receive an email informing them of the change in plans.


You are responsible for finding a suitable image. ITU Billboard is a highly visual medium, so it is important to use a relevant image in high quality. The editorial team reserves the right to overrule your image suggestion.

Here is some advice:

  • Use existing photos from your department (press photos, people, products, events, etc.).
  • Take a new photo.
  • Find a relevant photo on Colourbox.
  • No clipart is allowed!
  • The image has to be at least 1280 x 1080 pixels. Otherwise, it will not be displayed.

You are welcome to consult the communications department before making a submission.

There is no guarantee that your content will be approved and published! 

What kind of content will be published on ITU Billboard?

ITU Billboard is an information channel targeted at students. Therefore, all content must be relevant and explicitly directed at (a majority of) students at ITU.

Content that is considered important will have top priority. That goes for official messages from the university as well as information regarding study programmes, IT service issues, emergency situations, etc.

Content that is considered interesting will have second priority, but will be published on ITU Billboard if possible. That goes for information about events, social activities, the study environment, organisational news or other information relevant to students at ITU.

All content must be submitted correctly using the official guidelines for submission (see below). 

What kind of content will NOT be published on ITU Billboard?

  • Offensive or inappropriate content
  • External commercial content
  • Job ads
  • Spam
  • Content that is not relevant to students at ITU
  • Content that is only relevant to a small minority of students
  • Content that is badly phrased or considered out of line with ITU’s graphic/communicative identity
  • Content that is not submitted correctly

How do I get my content on ITU Billboard?

You can submit content using this form.

Make sure that your content is appropriate, easy to understand, sober and proofread. All photos or videos must be cleared for copyright.

Please submit your content well in advance. The editorial team reserves a processing time of 5 working days. A tip: Make sure to submit your content before or on the Tuesday prior to your desired publication time. Tuesday is usually the day when all received content is processed.

Remember: The editorial team will decide whether or not your content will be approved!