Atriumboks smal

The TA basics

Who can be a TA
You can apply to become a TA if you are enrolled as a student at ITU or another Higher Education Institution and are not enrolled or expected to enroll in the course you apply for.

If you are not enrolled as a student but have completed a BSc or a MSc degree, you can also become a TA. However, non-active students will be hired on slightly different terms than an enrolled student, meaning you will be paid the same but work slightly fewer hours but expected to do the same type of tasks.

It is therefore also a possibility to TA in a gap semester or gap year or after completing the MSc programme. It is also possible to combine the TA role with a junior researcher or Lab TA role.


Number of TAs per course
The number of TAs assigned per course is linked to the number of students (expected) to enroll in the course. Therefore, courses with more students enrolled have more TA positions available.

Number of hours per TA
TAs are hired to a particular course each semester for a fixed number of hours. A student TA is typically hired for 70 hours for a 7.5 ECTS course and 140 hours for a 15 ECTS course. A graduateTA  is typically hired for 62 hours for a 7.5 ECTS course and 124 hours for a 15 ECTS course. However, these hours may vary, depending on the requirements of the course. 

TA's can be expected to work approximately 3-10 hours a week during the employment period depending on which course you are assigned to.Distributed evenly for the duration of the contract, a 7.5 ECTS/70 hours total, equals an expected weekly workload of approximately 3 hours. In practice, you can expect a higher workload just before and in the beginning of the semester, trailing off towards the exam period.

You can TA for as many courses as you think you have time for, however do consider the TA workload in combination with your other engagements. As a general rule, ITU aims at not allocating more than 140 TA hours to a full-time student. 

Duration of employment
Employment as TA on a course generally runs from 01 January - 31 May / 01 August - 31 December., i.e. 22 weeks. For Summer University, employment is for 15 June - 31 July.

Employment contracts
Formally, TAs will receive a general 3-year blanket contract of employment at ITU. This is to make the semesterly hiring process easier for recurring applicants.

TAs with a valid 3-year blanket contract will still actively have to apply for TA position each semester, but we will keep your details on records to make the hiring process smoother. If allocated a TA position, you will receive an Addendum to the blanket contract, stating which course(s) you are allocated, for how many hours etc.

Student Instructor vs. Assistant Lecturer

TAs concurrently enrolled as students will be contracted and paid as Student Instructor under the Circular concerning Studenterundervisere ved universiteter mv. between The Ministry of Finance, National Union of Student Employees and The Association of Danish Medical Students. 

TAs not enrolled in a programme will be contracted and paid as Assistant Lecturer in accordance with the Circular concerning "the Agreement for Part-time Lecturers at Universities and Other Establishments of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education".

Salary and tax
TAs receive the same monthly pay, although working different number of hours, because they are employed under different agreements.

You can expect to be paid for the allocated number of hours in 5 monthly installments. Your monthly salary is paid into your NemKonto on the first working day of each month. Expect the first payment to be made the month after your contract addendum started.

How much you can expect to be paid out each month depends on your personal tax card.You can use this tax calculator to get an idea of how much you will get. Please contact if you have any questions about your personal tax.