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Student Organisations

Student council

Student Council is the political organisation at the IT University of Copenhagen. It consists of students from every field of study at the university, and is run by students. The Student Council works to promote students’ interests and improve their political, professional, and social conditions at the ITU.

Furthermore, they run Student Activity Fund, which supports both professional and social activities improving the study environment.
Read more about Student Council and how you can join in.   

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Analog is the IT University’s student café where you can have a nice cup of coffee and chat with your fellow students. Analog is also a good place to do group work if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere. The café is run by student volunteers, so this is another place to get involved and be a part of creating a positive study environment at ITU. You will find Analog next to the Information desk. 

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The university’s party committee and Friday bar is named ScrollBar. The bar opens every Friday at 15.00 and stays open till 2.00, offering a wide range of special brew and drinks. All bartenders are volunteers and they also arrange theme parties in the course of the semester as well. 

You will find ScrollBar directly across the Canteen.





Modem is the IT University’s own online student radio run by students themselves. Their mission is to produce entertaining and informative radio programmes to students at ITU. The programmes are released as podcasts as well. 

Modem is run by a committee, and they are always looking for new members sharing their passion for radio.

Read more and listen to Radio Modem


Node is the student and alumni choir at ITU. Each week we meet for two hours to sing rhythmic songs conducted by a professional conductor. In between there is a small coffee break to socialise. We are always looking for new members, experienced or not. If you enjoy singing you can join our meet n’ greet at the beginning of each semester or feel welcome to stop by for any practice session.

Reach us here: node_choir@itu.dk

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CampusCup aims to bring students from the IT University and Søndre Campus (University of Copenhagen) together through a joyful competition combining Regatta and beerrace in Emil Holm’s canal.

The event takes place every year in September, and everyone can look forward to a fantastic afternoon with entertainment, music and party – no matter if they feel like jumping in the kayak or not.                                                                                                                
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Connect is a student-run organization with the purpose of hosting events based around socializing, games and movies for the students at the IT University of Copenhagen. 


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ITU LAN is organising a gaming event at the IT University every Spring and Autumn. Here, both ITU students and people from outside ITU can participate in larger and smaller tournaments in selected games. ITU LAN is run by volunteers.

Read more about how you can join an event and how you can get involved as a volunteer.

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DAK stands for DDIT aktivitetskomité and is an initiative aimed at cultivating an open, creative and

Blockchain Student Group

Blockchain Student Group is a student-driven community interred in blockchain. We have presentation by experts, discuss the latest blockchain news and develop student blockchain projects. 

All students are welcome to join and there is no prior blockchain knowledge required. Think decentralized and be part of the community by joining our Teams group 'Blockchain Student Group’ or our public Facebook group ‘Blockchain Student Group - ITU'.

Blockchain Student Group