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Above you can see a complete overview of the contents of the 6 semesters of your BSc programme. The contents of your programme might have changed since you enrolled, so remember to choose the correct year of enrollment in the tabs at the top. The content will adjust to the correct curriculum.

Small changes might have been made to some of the modules, without needing a new curriculum. The notes on the right explain such changes and anything else you need to be aware of for specific modules on your programme.


* The first-year test includes study activities amounting to 45 ECTS from your 1st and 2nd semesters

** You can freely choose between electives offered for the BSc in Software Development at ITU. The module can also be used to write an independent project under supervision

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Consider Studying Abroad?

If you are considering to study abroad, a good idea is to begin like this: 

  • Find out which semester would be your best semester to travel – you can make a Studyplan with the Study and Career Guidance Office to be sure.
  • Look at the partnerships for your programme, or consider if going as a freemover could be a solution for you. If any kind of pre-requisites (average grade, language) are mentioned with a partner or host university, make sure you live up to them before applying.

For more information go to the Study Abroad section


Forms and Transcripts

A blank piece of paper

We have gathered all the different forms we operate with, for you to have a quick overview.

Find all forms here

If in need of your transcript of records or any other documentation you can print this yourself.
If you need it signed and stamped you print it out and come by the SAP front-office, and we will gladly help you.

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Ending your studies