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How to apply

How to apply

Send the application to

The process is illustrated here:


Exchange in Spring
September 1st

Exchange in Autumn
February 1st

Within 1 - 2 weeks from the deadline you will receive an email either with an offer of a nomination to a partner university or a rejection.

Partner universities might have different deadlines.

October 20  for exchange in the following Spring Semester

April 20 for exchange in the following Autumn Semester

Selection criteria

When reviewing the applications, Student Affairs and Programmes chooses the best qualified applicants based on grade point averages in particular and on the applicant's motivation for studying abroad as described in the motivational letter. For MSc students, both grades from the BSc programme and the MSc programme are considered in the review process.


If nominated by Student Affairs and Programmes, you then proceed to apply to the host university. You will be informed about the process. Note that you are not guaranteed a place until you receive an acceptance letter from the host university.

It is not possible to change your destination after you have been nominated for exchange.

If you missed the application deadline, please contact the International Coordinator.

See Practicalities - before for further information on how to plan your study abroad.