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The curriculum is the legal framework for your programme, as it describes the rules and contents. Here you can also find the objectives of the programme in terms of the knowledge, understanding, skills and competencies that you should acquire during your studies.

The appendix to the curriculum concerns all rules and regulations regarding the study administrative area at the IT University. Most of this information can also be found under Study Administration on ITU Student, but the appendix provides a nice, short overview of  important points to be aware of.

Find the appendix to the curriculum here

Curriculum in English, for students enrolled in 2018

For students enrolled on older curricula

The curricula have been restructured, and certain rules in the curricula below are no longer valid. They have been replaced by the rules in the appendix to the curricula above.

In the curricula below, the contents of the programme and the skills and competencies that you acquire during your studies are still valid. You will find all other rules in the appendix.