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Studying at ITU

Your weekly schedule

Interested in seeing your weekly schedule?

Find your weekly schedule here.

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Expectations to you as a student

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There are certain expectations of you as a university student. Some of these are very easily comprehended such as meeting exam deadlines, but some are also more subtle such as project management competencies or academic credibility.

These more subtle competencies are as important for you to learn as the curriculum. Read more about this by following the relevant link:

BSc students
MSc students

For more detailed guidance on this, please look under Study and Career Guidance in the main menu.

Framework for your studies

It can be helpful for you to read about the framework for your studies to better understand how to navigate as a student.

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Plan your studies

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It is important that you engage actively in the planning of your studies.

There are a lot of useful guidance to look at in the Study and Career Guidance section and you are welcome to contact the student advisors.

For a quick overview, read more here

Create a professional profile

It can be very useful for you to already think about you professional profile during your studies. Have a think about the long run and what you want to do when you finish your studies.

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