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Qualification Seminar in Programming

Conditionally admitted

If you are offered a seat on the MSc in Digital Innovation and Management or MSc in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, but do not meet the admission requirements concerning programming or database skills, you will be conditionally admitted and you must pass the mandatory programming test on 2 August 2019 (or re-test 16 August 2019) in order to fully enroll in your MSc programme.

Prior to the mandatory test, ITU strongly recommends that you participate in the optional Qualification Seminar during July.

When participating in the Qualification Seminar, you should expect to follow classes, work on exercises, study on your own and prepare for the test. You can expect to spend 37 hours a week in July. The classes are conducted in Danish, but trial test and the final test will be in English. The Seminar will take place at the IT University of Copenhagen.

During the Qualification Seminar you will learn to program in Python and you will be introduced to imperative programming, object-oriented programming and handling of text data (non-exhaustive list). If these concepts are new to you, please keep in mind that the purpose of the seminar is to help you gain these skills. We do not expect you to have any previous experience with programming. The Qualification Seminar is tailored to provide you with the programming skills necessary to pass the test and the skills required to be fully admitted to the MSc in Digital Innovation and Management or MSc in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies.

If you already know programming, but you do not have any certificate of your skills, you can take the test in August without following the seminar.


You do not need to register for the test.

You can find more information about the Qualification Seminar in Programming and the test in the course page in LearnIT. In your welcome letter sent to you mid June, you received information on how to activate your ITU login. After you have activated your ITU login you can sign in to LearnIt. If you need technical support to activate your ITU login and register for the test, please contact

If you are not following the Qualification Seminar but wish to take only the test please let us know. When you enter the Seminar page in LearnIT, follow the link ‘How do you plan to participate’ and tick the box to indicate whether you will participate in the Seminar or not.

For international students without a CPR (Danish National Security) SAP will contact you with information on how to activate your ITU Login.

No. Participation in the Qualification Seminar and the test is free of charge.

No. Prior knowledge about or experience with programming is not required.

You should have a laptop computer that you are familiar with and get at least one of the two course books, either in electronic form or in print (see recommended literature below). No other preparation is needed. Note, that there will be homework and reading between the seminar days.

From last year's experience we know that you will need full-time to study on this course. That is, it is not recommended to work on the days where there is no lectures at ITU.

Yes. You must bring your own computer and you please check the requirements

Your computer must have an up-to-date modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. You do not need to install other software beforehand; we will do that during the seminar days.

Yes, your computer must run Windows or MacOS. Ubuntu Linux should work fine, but we cannot provide any support for it. Precisely, you have to have at least one of the following operating systems in the respective version installed on your laptop:

  • Windows 10
  • MacOS 10.11
  • Ubuntu 16.04

Consequently, no iOS, Android, Chromebook, or similar device will suffice.

Additional requirements:

  • The computer must have a physical keyboard, i.e., not a touchpad.
  • The computer must have wireless internet connection (wifi) so you can connect to ITU's network. If you have not yet prepared your computer to connect to  the wireless network at ITU please go to A complete guide is available at ITU Student.
  • Your computer must have at least 5 gigabytes of free space. If you do not know how to verify how much space you have available. If in doubt, follow the guide on LearnIT.

The seminar uses two books, you can find the list and more information about the course here.

We strongly recommend that you follow the optional Qualification Seminar in July and take the mandatory test 2 August 2019 if you do not have any programming skills. There will be a re-test on 16 August 2019.

You must pass the test or re-test in order to stay enrolled in your study programme.

Yes. You can attend the seminar during July and take the re-test 16 August. In this case you have to register for the July seminar through LearnIT, even though you do not plan to take the test until 16 August. You will automatically be registered for the test 16 August.

The seminar is not an online seminar and we strongly encourage you to participate in classes.

However, if you are not able to attend the seminar in July or part of the seminar, you are welcome to enroll into the LearnIT seminar page and follow the seminar online to the extend possible. All seminar sessions will be published continuously as the course progresses, and will point to one or more chapters in the book that elaborates on the material. You will also be able to pose questions to teaching assistants in the Q&A on the LearnIT page. If you read the session slides and the connected literature and perform the assignments, the teachers at the seminar believe that it is possible to require the skills necessary for the test in August.

Please be aware: You cannot take the test online, you have to be present at ITU.

If you do not pass the mandatory test on 2 August, there will be a re-test 16 August. You must pass the test or re-test in order to stay enrolled in your study programme.

You will receive your test results by 9 August and for the re-test on 20 August. There will be more information about the test on LearnIT.

We look forward to seeing you 1 July from 8:30 for tea, coffee, and croissants in ITU in front of Auditorium 1 on the ground floor. We will start with the seminar at 9:00 in Auditorium 1.

During the seminar additional information will also be posted at the LearnIT page.