Atriumboks smal

Intro Party at ITU

To conclude the Introduction Days, the Study and Career Guidance would like to invite you along with the other new students to an Intro Party at ITU.

23 August 2019 at 20:00 (8pm)

There is no entrance fee, but you need an entrance bracelet to enter the party and you need to sign up here. You will get more information about the Intro Party during study start in August 2019.

We hope many of you will participate!

Do's and don'ts for the Intro Party

  • It is not allowed to bring friends who are not new students at ITU
  • It is not allowed to bring your own beverages - you will have to buy beverages in the student-driven bar, Scrollbar
  • Remember to bring the entrance bracelet given to you by your Tutors during the Introduction Days - you will not be able to enter the party without it!
  • If you do not participate in the Introduction Days but want to join the Intro Party, you can get an entrance bracelet in the Information Desk until 23 August at 12:00.