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Study start activities

Welcome to the BSc Study Start and congratulations on your enrollment.

Whether you're starting your bachelor in Software Development (SWU), Data Science (DS), Global Business Informatics (GBI) or Digital Design and Interactive Technologies (DDIT), we (The Tutors) hereby invite you to participate in the Academic Hours, Afternoon Activities and Fresher’s Trip.

We've spent months preparing your study start, and we promise we won't disappoint you. This will also be the first opportunity to meet your new fellow students, get an introduction to ITU and receive information about your studies.

Our first meeting is going to be during the Academic Hours, where we have put together a fun, academic and social programme, which runs the first three days of week 34. 

Immediately after, we've planned some more informal and relaxed activities during the Afternoon Activities. We recommend bringing an extra lunch or a snack, as some of these days can be long in duration from early morning until late evening.

A week later we invite you to the Fresher's Trip (rustur), in which all of us are going somewhere to have an amazing weekend together. This is one weekend we will never forget!

So clear your calendar - you definitely don't want to miss out on this!

Below you will find all information regarding the Introduction Days, the Intro party and the Fresher's Trip.

Academic hours


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during Week 34. Find your Academic programme here.


The Tutors will give you a taste of the life of a student, your study programme and tell you everything there is to know about the university.

Our aim is to provide you with a smooth start in regards to the academic life at ITU, so that you’re more confident in using all platforms and navigating the university. Furthermore, you will participate in activities with your Tutors and fellow students from your study line.

Afternoon activities

All weekdays during Week 34 from about 16:00 (immediately after Academic Hours) until late. The Tutors have divided all new bachelor students into groups. It is in these groups you will be participating in various activities and excursions. You definitely don’t want to miss any of it!

Read more here.

Intro party

To conclude the Introduction Days, the Study and Career Guidance would like to invite you along with the other new students to an Intro Party at ITU.

23 August 2019 at 20:00 (8pm)

Read more here.

Freshers trip

The Fresher's Trip is a 3-day social trip, where all new bachelor students are invited.

The Fresher's Trip (also called "rustur" in danish) will be a time to have fun with your new fellow students in a different, informal, and festive environment. We will provide transportation, food and housing for the entire weekend! We have also jammed the days full of activities, so we promise that you won't be bored!

Read more about the Freshers trip and how to sign up.