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Fresher's Trip


Departure: Saturday 31 August at 10 am at ITU.

Return: Monday 2 September in the afternoon.

And no worries you do not miss any lecture on Monday


The Fresher's Trip is a 3-day social trip, where all new bachelor students are invited.

The Fresher's Trip (also called "rustur" in danish) will be a time to have fun with your new fellow students in a different, informal, and festive environment. We will provide transportation, food and housing for the entire weekend! We have also jammed the days full of activities, so we promise that you won't be bored!

Download the Fresher's Trip Binder here!

Sign up

The costs 375 DKK to participate. The registration is binding and you cannot get a refund. Mind the deadline for signing up is on 21 August at midnight.

You sign up by paying the fee of 375 DKK.
The fee is payed to:
Danske Bank Holmens Kanal 2-12
1092 Copenhagen K
Branch code: 0216 Account no.: 4069053815
Swift code: DABADKKK

The fee has to be paid no later than Wednesday 21 August at midnight.

The sender field must contain: Your full name+ 3615. If you for some reason cannot fit your full name and “3615” in the text when you transfer the money, please write your initials – surname – 3615. As an example: Z. Baadsgaard 3615

More info will be given during Academic Hours.