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Introduction days programme - BSc

Introduction Days: 17-19 August

Whether you are starting your bachelor in Software Development (SWU), Data Science (DS), Global Business Informatics (GBI) or Digital Design and Interactive Technologies (DDIT), we (the Tutors) invite you to participate in the Introduction Days Programme from 17-19 August and a Freshers Weekend on 29-30 August. 

We (the Tutors) have spent months preparing your study start, and we are looking so much forward to meeting you! We will give you a taste of life as a student, your study programme and tell you everything there is to know about the university. Our aim is to provide you with a smooth start in regards to the academic life at ITU, so that you are more confident in using all platforms and navigating the university. We will welcome you on your first Intro Day at ITU on 17 August.  We have put together a fun, academic and social programme for your Introduction Days which runs on 17-19 August. It consist of both activities at ITU, called Academic Hours, and activites at other locations during the afternoon, called Afternoon Activities. Each day ends at 19.00 (7pm) or earlier. We recommend bringing an extra lunch or a snack. A week after the Intro Days, new BSc students and Tutors will meet up for a Freshers Weekend on 29-30 August. We are working on creating a weekend with fun and social activities, and we assure you it will be worth participating! We will tell you more about this as soon as possible.

 ITU strongly encourage you to participate in the Introduction Days running from 17-19 August, as you will meet your new fellow students, do an intro project, receive relevant information and get a general introduction to ITU. As described just above, the Introduction Days consists of Academic Hours and Afternoon Activities. You can read more below. Please note that you have to sign up if you want to participate in the Introduction Days. Do so by registering hereThe sign-up deadline is 9 August.


Academic Hours

Find your programme here:

Afternoon Activities

After the Academic Hours at ITU we invite you to participate in social activities as a part of the Introduction Days Programme.

We are excited to announce the following activities:

Monday - Monday Games

On this very first day of the intro period we have arranged a gathering of different fun activities, which we call ‘Monday Games’. You and your activity team will be competing, both within your own team, and with the rest of the teams that represents all of the bachelor educations that we have here at ITU. Some of the activities calls for some athletic work, some for a little mental gymnastics and others will bring up the hidden DJ and dancer in you.

Most importantly of all – these activities will encourage teamwork and a ton of fun!


Tuesday - Go Boat Trip

It can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting with all of these new impressions and new people around you – we get that! That is also why we have arranged a more relaxing afternoon activity for you on this day. All you have to do is walk/bike a bit and then afterwards just relax on the canals of Copenhagen with GoBoats! The boat trip will last approximately 1 hours and before and after you will have some time to just sit and relax with your fellow students and tutors from your team.


Wednesday - Silent Disco

We now arrive at the last day of the Intro Week (but don’t be sad we will see each other again at the Freshers Weekend), which is also why we thought that we should end these three days together with a bang. On this day we have invited Red Bull out to meet us at ITU where they will be hosting Silent Disco for us and it is going to be so much fun!

More info will follow during the Academic Hours. Please note, that all activities during the Introduction Days (Academic Hours as well as Afternoon Activities) are without alcoholic beverages.

Freshers Weekend: 29-30 August

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we cannot invite you for a Freshers Trip, which we usually do. However, we are planning a Fresher’s Weekend, which will include fun social activities with your group during daytime at locations in Copenhagen. There is a sign-up fee of 150 DDK.


The Freshers Weekend will start out with giant race in the middle of Copenhagen, which is conducted by Humanic Group in collaboration with the tutors. You will be divided out into smaller teams and you will together get to explore Copenhagen in a fun and challenging way. At one of the stops that you will have, there will be a lunch bag waiting for you included in the price.

Our legs will for sure be tired after this awesome treasure hunt, which is also why it is arranged that you will meet up with your activity team afterwards for some chill, hygge and self-payed dinner, that you and your tutors will arrange together.



We will start the day out with some activities that will help you to get to know ITU even better than you have so far. We, your tutors, will be representing the different organizations that we have here at ITU with different fun activities and some information about them.
After this we will have yet another fun large activity that Humanic Group and the tutors once again will be in charge of.

Please note, that all activities during the Freshers Weekend are without alcoholic beverages.

How to sign up for the Freshers Weekend 29-30 August
To participate in the Freshers Weekend you must pay a sign-up fee of 150 DDK. The sign-up deadline is Friday 21 August. You sign up by transferring 150 DDK to the bank described below. When you transfer the money, it is very important that you write your initials, surname and the code 3615. As follows: M. Y. Surname + 3615

Information about the bank:
Danske Bank 
Holmens Kanal 2-12
1092 København K

Registration Number: 0216 
Account Number: 4069053815
Swiftcode: DABADKKK
IBAN Number: DK2602164069053815

If you are vegan or have any allergies we should be aware of for the Freshers Weekend, please fill out this survey