Atriumboks smal

Introduction days programme - BSc

Introduction Days: 17-19 August

We encourage you to participate in the Introduction Days running from 17-19 August, as you will meet your new fellow students, do an intro project, receive relevant information and get a general introduction to ITU. The Introduction Days consists of Academic Hours and Afternoon Activities. Please note you have to sign up if you want to participate. Do so by registering here. The sign-up deadline is 9 August.

Academic Hours

Find your programme here:

Afternoon Activities

After the Academic Hours at ITU we invite you to participate in social activities as a part of the Introduction Days Programme. One day we will go sailing i smaller groups with GoBoats, and activities for the remaining two days are still in the making. 

More info will follow during the Academic Hours. Please note, that all activities during the Introduction Days are without alcoholic beverages.

Fresher’s Weekend: 29-31 August

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we cannot invite you for a Freshers Trip, which we usually do. However, we are planning a Fresher’s Weekend, which will include fun social activities with your group during daytime at locations in Copenhagen. There will be a sign-up fee of 150 DDK and we will provide further information on how to sign up once we have a programme ready for you. Tune in as we approach the study start, as we will update information about the Fresher’s Weekend continuously.