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How to study at a university


Studying at a university

As a bachelor student you must, of course, learn academic content. However, you also need to learn how to study at a university. It comes as no surprise that studying at a university is different from being in High School or working. Most new bachelor students have never studied at a university before. Therefore, it can be a very unfamiliar experience to start studying at ITU - perhaps especially in the beginning of your studies. Not only is the workload and knowledge level probably higher than what you have been used to, but the university as an institution is also new to you.

As a new bachelor student, one of the things you are expected to do is to take responsibility for your own learning to a much broader extend than you have been used to previously. Read more about this difference at ITUstudent and prepare for what is expected of you as a student at a university. 

You are always welcome to contact the Study & Career Guidance. We support you throughout your studies and you can find information about our services on ITUstudent.

Get to know ITU 

One way of getting well acquainted with a part of ITU is to spend some time navigating and reading on ITUstudent, which is your one-point-entry platform. You find links to all relevant platforms in the upper right corner of the site. Besides, you can find information about everything from the framework for your studies to how to develop as a student. We advise you to spend some time on getting to know the site.